Solar Batteries Price In Pakistan:


In recent years solar energy is beating the traditional way of producing the energy because it is less expensive and nature friendly. Solar batteries perform a key role as they help in storing this energy produced by solar panels to use it in nights or in day time when sun is not shining brightly due to countries like Pakistan it is very important to use solar energy as Cost of electricity is increasing day by day and electricity is not easily accessible in many areas.

When it comes to purchasing batteries for solar systems it becomes very challenging sometimes because a number of brands are working in the market so it is very hard to decide which brand is good to go.

Therefore, in this guide we are going to guide you properly about each brand and its battery prices which will help you to understand prices in the market and how to make a budget plan for it.

Osaka Solar Batteries Price in Pakistan

Osaka company is known for its high quality batteries production and it was established in 1928.Osaka batteries are trusted worldwide for their durability and performance, osaka company emphasizes innovation and offers a diverse range of batteries that work in different sectors like automotive, industrial & renewable energy sectors.

Features of Osaka Solar Batteries:

  1. Advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  2. Low internal resistance for efficient energy transfer
  3. Enhanced plate design for improved performance
  4. Sealed construction for maintenance-free operation
  5. Resistance to vibration and shock


Osaka Generator 12GEN-MR4525 Ah9500
Osaka Generator 12GEN-MR3520 Ah7700
Osaka Battery CR65L+40 Ah12600
Osaka Battery MF-100L80 Ah19500
Osaka Battery MF110R90 Ah22500
Osaka Platinum T125-S Plus100 Ah23500
Osaka Platinum P175-S Plus120 Ah30500
Osaka Platinum P210-S Plus155 Ah37500
Osaka Platinum P260-S Plus180 Ah43500
Osaka Platinum P290-Z Plus215 Ah52500
Price of Osaka Batteries

AGS Solar Batteries Price in Pakistan

AGS has a great reputation because of its high quality and long-life batteries has achieved ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system and high quality products. Their batteries come with   1 year replacement warranty and require very low maintenance.

Features of AGS Solar Batteries

  1. Carbon Additive Technology for faster charging.
  2. Integrated Thermal Management System for temperature regulation.
  3. Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System for consistent performance.
  4. Advanced Grid Design for durability and corrosion resistance.
  5. Dual Alloy Technology for balanced cranking power and deep-cycle capabilities.


AGS Grand 4630 Ah9928
AGS Grand 6545 Ah13700
AGS Grand 8760 Ah16047
AGS Maintenance Free 65L45 Ah15462
AGS Hybrid Low Maintenance 100R Atlas80 Ah20849
AGS Hybrid Low Maintenance 65 T1 Thin Atlas45 Ah14502
AGS Super Power 145100 Ah26978
AGS Super Power 180120 Ah31511
AGS Super Power 210150 Ah38500
AGS Super Power 250175 Ah43972

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan

Exide, a battery manufacturing company, was founded in 1888 by W.W.Gibs in the USA.

Exide company has a number of achievements like it is one the most experienced battery production companies due to its longevity in this has performed a leading role in batteries innovation.

Features of Exide Batteries

  1. Advanced lead-acid technology
  2. High energy density for longer runtime
  3. Robust construction for durability
  4. Maintenance-free design for convenience
  5. Wide range of applications


EXIDE GL50 Plus37 Ah11370
EXIDE N65L45 Ah13493
EXIDE Solar 5020 Ah7436
EXIDE Solar 10060 Ah16061
EXIDE EX 110R85 Ah21778
EXIDE HP 15095 Ah26701
EXIDE N135100 Ah26867
EXIDE NS200150 Ah40110
EXIDE N220170 Ah44004
EXIDE NS250 Plus200 Ah53794

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan

Phoenix Batteries Private Limited was founded by Mr. Mirza Abdul Rab in 1955.

This company is known for its commitment to quality as they have very strict standards to maintain the quality process to ensure the  best performance of their batteries.Phoenix Batteries prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing excellent service and support to its customers

Features phoenix batteries

  1. Nano-Coated Plates for Enhanced Efficiency.
  2. Smart Battery Management System for Optimal Performance.
  3. Rapid Charge Technology for Quick Recharging.
  4. Advanced Electrolyte Formulation for Extended Lifespan.
  5. Temperature-Resilient Design for Reliable Operation.


Phoenix XP 50 Plus L32 Ah11724
Phoenix XP 60 L40 Ah12359
Phoenix XP 75 R50 Ah15548
Phoenix XP 95 L75 Ah20029
Phoenix Extreme 130100 Ah26399
Phoenix TX 1100125 Ah33487
Phoenix Ultra Gel 200 SE150 Ah39500
Phoenix Ultra Gel 255200 Ah52718
Phoenix Ultra Gel 275225 Ah55435

Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

Volta Batteries Limited was founded by Mr. Mian Muhammad Ishaq in 1958.

Volta company is always focused on production of high quality  and long life batteries therefore this company is continuously investing in research and development to innovate its battery technologies.This helped them to  introduce new products with enhanced performance, durability, and efficiency.

Features of Volta Battery

  1. High-density active material for greater energy storage.
  2. Advanced separator technology for improved conductivity.
  3. Robust alloy grid design for enhanced durability.
  4. Low-resistance connectors for efficient power transfer.
  5. Advanced venting system for safety and longevity.


Volta GEN12-MR3520 Ah7793
Volta CR65L+40 Ah13363
Volta Maintenance Free 75L50 Ah15183
Volta Maintenance Free 80L75 Ah17850
Volta Platinum Plus 135 S105 Ah28879
Volta Platinum Plus 180 S130 Ah38411
Volta Platinum Plus 125 S10022342
Volta Platinum Plus 270 S200 Ah58080
Volta Platinum Plus 225 S175 Ah47861
Volta Platinum Plus 250 S180 Ah50317

Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan

Tubular Batteries Limited was founded by Mr. M. Yasin Khan in 1952.

Tubular is well known for its quality products as they use very strong plates that can handle charge and discharge many times. Their  batteries have small holes to discharge the gas. These holes are made of a special material that helps keep the liquid inside and makes the batteries work better.

Features of tubular battery

  1. Tubular Positive Plates for durability.
  2. Deep-Cycle Design for consistent performance.
  3. Micro-Porous Ceramic Vent Plugs for efficiency.
  4. Low Antimony Lead Alloy Grids for reliability.
  5. High Electrolyte Volume for longevity.


Volta 1200125 Ah50771
Volta 1600150 Ah53218
Volta 1800 Supreme185 Ah56914
Volta 2000200 Ah72758
Phoenix 1000110 Ah26247
Phoenix 1200160 Ah50678
Phoenix 1400175 Ah56647
Osaka 1200125 Ah43233
Osaka 1600 Supreme150 Ah46264
Osaka 2000 Supreme200 Ah62350
Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan


Types of batteries available in Pakistan are as follows.

  1. Lead-Acid Batteries
  2. Lithium-Ion Batteries
  3. Gel Batteries
  4. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries
  5. Flow Batteries

Factors that affect the price of  batteries are as follows.

  1. Battery Type
  2. Capacity
  3. Quality and Brand
  4. Technology
  5. Warranty
  6. Installation Costs
  7. Government Incentives
  8. Market Demand
  1. Inverex
  2. Homage
  3. Narada
  4. AGS
  5. Paksolar

These companies are known as the best solar battery providers with reasonable prices and good quality.