Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan


Welcome to the  comprehensive guide, where we are going to discuss the Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan in detail.

Just like in other countries of the world, in Pakistan, the use of solar energy is rising day by day as people become aware of the benefits of the solar system, like that it is less expensive and nature-friendly. So demand for solar panels is very high nowadays. As demand is high, a lot of brands are coming into the market to provide the best-quality solar panels. Jinko is one of them. The Jinko brand stands out in the market because of its commitment and high-quality panels. They designed their panel with the latest technique and technology that converts sunlight into energy very efficiently.

Why should we choose Jinko solar?

It has several technical features that help it to standout in the market.

High Efficiency: Over 20% efficiency through advanced technologies like PERC it maximizes energy output.

 Durability & Reliability:they use very high quality materials to bear the extreme weather conditions which ensures the long term performance.

Advanced technology: They use bifacial modules and half cell technology to increase power generation.

Environmental Commitment: Jinko uses very strict standards to make sure that it is eco friendly.

Prices of Jinko Solar In Pakistan

Jinko Solar Panel ModelWattage (W)Price Range (PKR per kW)
Jinko Tiger Pro300W – 400W30,300 – 40,500
Jinko Cheetah Series Panels320W – 420W35,300 – 45,500
Jinko Swan Bifacial Panels330W – 430W40,300 – 50,500
Jinko Eagle PERC Panels280W – 380W25,300 – 35,500
Jinko Eagle Bifacial Series350W – 450W45,300 – 55,500
Jinko Eagle Half-Cell Panels310W – 410W30,300 – 40,500
Jinko Tiger Mono330W – 430W35,300 – 45,500
Jinko Swan Dual-Glass Panels340W – 440W40,300 – 50,500
Jinko Cheetah HC Panels300W – 400W30,300 – 40,500
Jinko Eagle HC Half-Cell320W – 420W35,300 – 45,500
Jinko Swan HC Bifacial Panels360W – 460W45,300 – 55,500
Jinko Cheetah Plus340W – 440W40,300 – 50,500
Jinko Eagle HC Bifacial Series380W – 480W50,300 – 60,500
Jinko Tiger N Series350W – 450W35,300 – 45,500
Jinko Cheetah Plus HC370W – 470W45,300 – 55,500
Prices of Jinko Solar In Pakistan

Jinko Solar Panel 250 Watt Poly

The Jinko 250-watt panel is famous for its frameless and unique design, and it has the ability to work and give the best performance in cloudy weather or when the sun is not shining brightly. It is made up of a polycrystalline 60-cell module, which can create power up to 250 W. This is one of the best modules if you are looking for solar for your home. It is less expensive and more efficient.


  1. High Efficiency
  2. Durable Build
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Weather Resistant
  5. Reliable Performance

Jinko Solar 330 Watt Poly


  1. High Conversion Efficiency
  2. Advanced PERC Technology
  3. Durable Glass Coating
  4. Enhanced Low-light Performance
  5. Robust Frame Design

Jinko Cheetah Plus 435 Watt Mono PERC

The Jinko Cheetah Plus 435 watt mono PERC solar panel represents the cutting edge of solar technology. By having a 435-watt power output, it gives the maximum production and becomes the best option for both homes and offices. This panel uses PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) technology to capture sunlight more effectively, even in cloudy weather and low-light conditions. So this panel has all the features to be your favorite one.


  1. High power output
  2. Advanced PERC technology
  3. Excellent temperature coefficient
  4. Robust design durability
  5. Enhanced low-light performance

Jinko 540 Watt Solar Panel Mono Perc

This panel uses tiling ribbon (TR) technology, and with this technology, gaps in cells are eliminated to boost the efficiency of the panel. This technology also helps in increasing the power generation ability of the panel.


  1. High Efficiency: 21.3%
  2. Power Tolerance: 0~+3%
  3. Cell Technology: Mono PERC
  4. Module Type: Bifacial Design
  5. Temperature Coefficient: -0.35%/°C

Factors That Affects The Price Of Solar Panel in Pakistan

Quality and efficiency:

Prices of Jinko solar panels are affected by the quality and efficiency of the panels. Panels with high efficiency may cost you more at the moment, but they offer a better long-term return on investment.

Material quality:

The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the panels highly affects the price of the products. Higher the quality ,higher the prices of the panels in start but gives long term benefits.

Size and capacity:

Both size and capacity are important when it comes to the pricing of panels.Larger panels with higher capacity are more costly and generate more electricity as compared to smaller ones.

Installation Cost Of Jinko Solar Panel In Pakistan

Installer Rates:

Labor costs depend on the expertise and reputation of the installer. Most skilled technicians charge more for their services. Installer costs also vary from urban to rural areas. Urban areas cost is higher as compared to the rural areas technician.

Mounting and structural components:

Mounting costs depend on the mounting system. (roof-mounted, ground-mounted, or carport) affects the cost. Roof mounts are less costly as compared to ground mounts.

Installation costs also depend on the type of building, older buildings require additional structural support. The cost of installation is high for old buildings.

Electrical components:

Electrical components cause high or low installation costs; the higher the quality, the higher the prices.


Depending upon the system design, you may require a micro inverter, a string inverter, or power optimizers; each of them has different costs.

Wiring and cable:

The quality and length of the cable contribute to the overall cost of the system.

Additional Services Cost:

The cost of professional design and engineering services to customize your system as per your needs.

Transportation and logistic costs:

The cost of transportation from the manufacturer to your location.

Tips To Purchase Jinko Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

Evaluate your energy needs.

First of all, determine the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis. It will help you determine the size and number of plates you need to fulfill your energy needs.

Understand panel specifications.

Efficiency: Buy a panel that has more efficiency and converts maximum sunlight to electricity.

Power ratings: Make sure that the panel’s wattage meets your energy requirements.

Temperature Coefficient: Panels with a lower coefficient perform very well in high temperatures, which is important for climates like Pakistan.

Check certification and standards.

IEC Certification: Ensure that panels meet international standards (IEC 61215, IEC 61730).

Local Approvals: Verify that the panels are approved for use in Pakistan by relevant local authorities.

Compare costs and value. Compare the cost of different brands to make sure that you are getting good value.

Look for local support and service. Make sure that Jinko or their reliable local distributor offers customer support.


Higher efficiency panels typically cost more but offer better performance.

Yes, various government incentives and subsidies are available to promote solar energy.

Fluctuations in the exchange rate can significantly affect the import cost and final price.

Consider installation, inverters, mounting hardware, and maintenance costs.

Yes, Jinko offers a performance warranty of up to 25 years and a product warranty of 10-12 years.

Purchase from authorized dealers and check for certifications and serial numbers.

Factors include system size, labor rates, mounting type, and site preparation.

Yes, many banks and financial institutions offer financing options for solar panel installations.

Jinko panels are designed to perform well in high temperatures and varied weather conditions typical in Pakistan.