Bill Calculator

Note: This is just an estimated cost of your electricity bill, due to additional taxes original bill amount may vary.

FESCO electricity bill calculator will provide you an estimated amount of your bill by putting the electricity units consumed in above calculator. Moreover this online bill calculator is easy to use and make your calculations hassle free. To calculate your electricity bill amount you don’t need to install any additional app.

FESCO calculates electricity bills based on the amount of electricity consumed by the customer. The bill calculation process involves,

  1. Measuring electricity usage in kilowatt-hours using an electric meter.
  2. Applying a tiered rate structure with increasing rates for higher levels of usage.
  3. Multiplying the number of units consumed in each tier by the corresponding rate to calculate the charges for each tier.
  4. Summing up the charges for all the tiers, and adding any additional taxes or surcharges to obtain the total bill amount.
  5. Taking periodic meter readings to ensure bill accuracy, and estimating consumption if the meter cannot be read.
  6. Customers can request for meter reading to verify bill accuracy.

FESCO bills are calculated based on actual consumption, with higher rates for higher levels of usage. The bill amount is the sum of charges for all tiers, plus taxes and surcharges, and is subject to meter readings by FESCO employees.

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