Solar AC Price in Pakistan


As technology is growing day by day, it is providing us new methods to save energy and produce cheap energy. The use of a solar AC is one of them. Solar AC Price in Pakistan is talk of the town now a days. These ACs use the energy of the sun and produce cooling to cool homes, which significantly helps to reduce electricity bills and decrease pollution. So, this technology is environment-friendly and also helps you financially. But solar air conditioners price in Pakistan is an important factor for people in Pakistan. In this article, we are going to discuss the price of solar AC and factors that affect its pricing in Pakistan.

Inverex 1.5-ton solar inverter AC

Price: PKR. 130,000/- to 160,000/-

Looking for the best tool to keep your home cool in hot summers without spending a lot of money? Here is the solution. Meet the Inverex 1.5-ton solar inverter AC. It’s very unique tool is that it runs on solar energy, so it is not only eco-friendly but also saves you money on your energy bills. That’s not all. This AC is smart too. With its inverter technology, it adjusts its power use, making it more efficient and saving you more energy and money. So, in this hot summer, the best way to beat the heat with the very minimum price, InvereX 1.5 Ton, is your perfect match.

Cooling Capacity1.5 Ton (18,000 BTU)
Power SourceSolar Energy
Energy EfficiencyInverter Technology
Room SizeMedium-sized rooms
Cooling SpeedFast and Efficient
Eco-friendlyReduces Carbon Footprint
Cost SavingsLowers Electricity Bills
WarrantyManufacturer’s Warranty for Parts and Service
Inverex 1.5-ton solar inverter AC price in Pakistan

Gree Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price: PKR. 142000/- to 250000/-

Welcome to the most stylish and innovative design to upgrade your cooling system.
Gree Solar AC offers you the most unique and advance features for a comfortable cooling system. These are not only good in looks but it is the first European compliant heat and cool AC which provides you all the safety makes sure to save your money up to 60% on your electricity bills and one more important thing is their 150V low voltage startups makes it easy to install and use.
So, Gree Solar AC is a won won deal in term of Environment and budget
Let’s delve deeper into the world of Gree Solar AC features and discover how it’s changing the game for home cooling.

Cooling Capacity1.5 Ton
Power SourceSolar Energy
Inverter TechnologyYes
Energy EfficiencyHigh
Cooling ModeTurbo Cooling, Eco Mode
Air FiltrationAnti-Dust, Anti-Bacterial Filters
Remote ControlYes (Wi-Fi enabled options available)
Timer FunctionYes
Sleep ModeYes
RefrigerantEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant (e.g., R410A)
Noise LevelLow
WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty (length may vary)
Smart FeaturesCompatible with smart home systems, energy monitoring
Gree Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Dawlance Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price: The Daw lance solar AC is starting from Rs. 121,000

Keep your family cool in this hot summer with the Daw Lance solar air conditioner. These Acs are designed in a specific, unique way to perform exceptionally well in high temperatures. These ACs have a specific feature of self-cleaning that keeps them performing smoothly and increases their life span. Moreover, Daw Lance AC comes in affordable and high quality. so you keep your family safe from hot temperatures at an affordable price

Cooling Capacity1.5 Ton (or as per specific model)
Power SourceSolar Energy
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)High Efficiency Rating (Specific EER value)
Inverter TechnologySmart Inverter Technology for optimized power usage
Compressor TypeRotary (or specific type)
RefrigerantEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant (R32, R410A, etc.)
Cooling SpeedsMultiple cooling speeds for customized comfort
Airflow DirectionAdjustable airflow direction for even cooling distribution
Timer FunctionProgrammable timer for scheduled operation
Remote ControlWireless remote control for convenient operation
Filter TypeHigh-efficiency air filters to capture dust, pollen, and other particles
Noise LevelLow noise operation (measured in decibels)
Operating VoltageVoltage requirements (e.g., 220-240V)
DimensionsSize and dimensions of indoor and outdoor units
WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty coverage period
Dawlance Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Haier Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price: Its price starting from 150000

Looking for air conditioner that provides you high quality cooling with minimum energy usage. right?
This Haier solar air conditioner is the solution of your provides you both features, modern design and dependable cooling system. This device possesses outstanding features that helps it to standout in competition like its WIFI capability and UPS features ensure its uninterrupted working .it also has one touch cleaning system that makes its maintenance very easy. So it has all the features to be the best In the industry.

Technical FeatureDescription
Capacity1.5 Ton
Energy SourceSolar Power + Grid Electricity
Inverter TechnologyYes
Cooling Capacity18000 BTU (British Thermal Units)
Power ConsumptionLow power consumption due to inverter technology
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)High EER for energy-efficient performance
Compressor TypeRotary Compressor
Refrigerant TypeR410A (environmentally friendly refrigerant)
Noise LevelLow noise operation
Smart ControlRemote control and smartphone app compatibility
Air FlowMulti-directional air flow for even cooling
FiltersAdvanced air filtration system
Dimensions (Indoor Unit)Compact design, varies by model
Weight (Indoor Unit)Lightweight, varies by model
WarrantyStandard manufacturer warranty
Solar Panel CompatibilityCompatible with standard solar panels
Auto RestartAutomatically restarts after a power outage
Sleep ModeAdjusts cooling for energy savings and comfort during sleep
Haier Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Orient Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price : Price starts from  144,000.

Orient Solar AC contains some unique and advanced features like a wide range of cooling, a Japanese PCB kit, 4D air flow, and an extra boost. It comes with a 100% copper coating. It provides peaceful cooling with low-noise operations and has a filter to clean the air. All these features come at very affordable prices.

CapacityVaries by model; available in different tonnage options
Energy SourceSolar Power + Grid Electricity
Inverter TechnologyYes
Cooling CapacitySpecified in BTUs (British Thermal Units)
Compressor TypeRotary or Scroll Compressor
Refrigerant TypeEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant (e.g., R410A)
Smart ControlRemote control and smartphone app compatibility
Orient Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Kenwood Solar AC KES-182OS Price In Paksitan

Price : Starts form 180000pkr

The Kenwood KES-1820S is high quality AC with its great performance and high has special design and 7 star rating make it reliable, stylish and long can be controlled by smart phone which makes it reliable and handy

Dual Power SourceUses both solar power and grid electricity for versatile operation
Adaptive CoolingAdjusts cooling output based on room temperature and occupancy
Self-Cleaning FiltersFilters that clean themselves, reducing maintenance needs
Kenwood Solar AC KES-182OS Price In Paksitan

TCL Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price: Start from PKR. 127900/-

These modern ACs have smart airflow for efficient cooling, helping you save electricity bills by up to 60%. The dual rotatory compressor ensures strong cooling, even in hot weather. Plus, TCL ACs have a fireproof electric box to keep you safe. They start at just 150V voltage, giving you more comfort and energy savings. Pick TCL for your home’s cooling and heating!

Dual Inverter CompressorEfficient cooling with minimal energy consumption
Smart Thin TechnologyRemote control via smartphone app for convenience
Active Energy ControlAdjustable power consumption for optimized efficiency.
TCL Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Solar AC Price In Pakistan

Price: its price starts from 97000 pkr
It is designed to be highly efficient and have DC inverter technology in it .it can adjust speed based on outside temperature. These are ideal for small room and houses and affordable as well.

Technical FeatureDescription
Solar-Powered CoolingIt uses Utilizes solar energy to power the air conditioner, reducing reliance on grid electricity.
Inverter TechnologyIt uses inverter technology for Best control of compressor speed,
Dual Power SourceIt Can switch between solar power and grid electricity,
Advanced Air FiltrationIt uses advanced filters to remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particles for cleaner air.
Smart Control OptionsIt Offers remote control and smart connectivity features
Changhong Ruba Solar AC Price In Pakistan


Reduced Carbon Emissions: Solar air conditioners use clean energy from the sun, lowering carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change.
Improved Air Quality: Unlike traditional air conditioners powered by fossil fuels, solar air conditioners do not release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases during provide quality air.
Water Conservation: Solar air conditioners do not require water for cooling, thus it reduces water usage.

Cooling capacity
Brand and technology
Additional components
Government incentives and subsidies
Market competition and supply chain
Quality of components