Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

As we see that the energy shortage and cost of electricity are increasing day by day in Pakistan, so everyone is looking at solar panels as an alternative source of energy with a reasonable cost. Solar panel price in Pakistan is most discussed topic in Pakistan because of its daily changing price. But there are a number of brands working in the market, so it is hard to decide and compare which one is reliable and good to go. But don’t worry. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to introduce the top-notch solar panel brands with very efficient solar panel prices in Pakistan. Due to their high-quality products, some brands are leading the solar panel industry . If you are looking for cost effective and reliable solar panels for your company or home, you should consider one of the following brands we will discuss in detail.

JA Solar Panel Price In Pakistan.

JA Solar Panel is a leading brand in Pakistan solar market because of it quality product. It has following feature which makes a leading brand,

  • High Efficiency: JA Solar Panels often exceed 20% conversion efficiency.
  • PERC Technology: Uses PERC technology for improved light capture and efficiency.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand high wind loads and heavy snow.
  • Low Degradation: Low degradation rate with up to 25-year warranty.

Jinko Solar Panel Price In Pakistan


Brand SpecificationsPer Wat Rate Panel Price
Jinko N-Type575watts4425300
Jinko P- type555 watts4122755
Jinko P- type540 watts4222680
Jinko P- type580 watts4224360
Jinko P- type560 watts3821280
Jinko Solar Panel Price In Pakistan


  • High Efficiency: It converts maximum sunlight into electricity.
  • Superior Quality: Jinko uses top-tier materials for reliability of panels
  • Advanced Technology: Panels are built with cutting-edge cell architecture and coatings.
  • Durability: Withstands harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Canadian Solar Panel Price in Pakistan


Brand SpecificationsPer Wat Rate Panel Price
CA575 watts4425300
CA650 watts3925350
CA555 watts3921645
CA545 watts3921255
CA550 watts3921450
Canadian Solar Panel Price In Pakistan


  • PERC technology for enhanced efficiency.
  • Anti-reflective coating for better light absorption.
  • PID resistance for long-term performance.
  • High efficiency even in low-light conditions.
  • Optimized temperature coefficient for varying climates.

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan


BrandSpecificationPer watt ratePanel Price
Longi Hi-Mo 6565/ 575/ 570/ 585 watt3821660
Longi Hi-Mo 7580 watts4224360
Longi Hi-Mo 5560/555 watts3720720
Longi Hi-Mo 5540/535 watts3820520
Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan


  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells.
  • Advanced PERC technology for enhanced performance.
  • Excellent low light performance.
  • Long-term reliability.
  • Competitive pricing in Pakistan.

Cell Germany Solar Panel Price In Pakistan


BrandSpecificationPer watt ratePanel Price
Cell Germany150 Watt6610000
Cell Germany180 Watt6111000
Cell Germany200Watt5911800
Cell Germany230Watt5512800
Cell Germany Solar Panel Price In Pakistan


  • High-efficiency cells for maximum power generation.
  • German engineering ensures top-notch performance.
  • Anti-reflective coating enhances light absorption.
  • Excellent temperature tolerance for all climates.

A Grade Solar Panels Price in Pakistan


BrandSpecificationPer watt ratePanel Price
JA540 watts3719980
JA540 watts3921060
ZN Shine545 watts3820700
Longi500 watts3718500
JA530 watts3719610
Maysun540 watts3719980
Longi555 watts3720535
Jinko 555 watts3720350
Longi Hi-Mo 6570 watts3922230
Jinko N type575 watts3922425
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580580 watts4123780
Canadian Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan


  • High efficiency cells for maximum power output.
  • Premium materials ensure durability and performance.
  • Uniform cell quality for consistent panel performance.
  • Extended warranties provide peace of mind for consumers.

B Grade Solar Panel Price In Pakistan.


BrandSpecificationPer watt ratePanel Price
Longi550 watts3419000
Jinko550 watts3419000
CA650 watts4127000
JA550 watts3519500
B Grade Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Top Solar Panel Manufacturer In Pakistan

Below is the list of top manufacturer of Solar Panel in Pkaistan

  • Inverex Solar Solutions
  • Zorays Solar Pakistan
  • Premier Energy
  • Tesla Industries Pakistan
  • Solar Sigma Ltd.
  • Pak Solar Services
  • Green Cloud
  • Sky Electric
  • Power n Sun

Here are some key points that you should keep in mind while creating budget plane for solar panel system installation.

First of all, Check your monthly average energy consumption. You can find it on the electricity bill.
Based on your needs, calculate the number of panels you need to fulfill your energy consumptions.
Make arrangements of space required to install solar panels.
Research in the market and compare the prices of different brands
Make a calculation of the savings you can make on your energy bills if you replace your energy source with a solar panel. If you are saving money then you should proceed with it.
Make a budget for regular maintenance of your solar panel system.

Following these steps, you can make a well-informed budget plan to keep your finances secure.

Key differences.

Double glass panels absorb sunlight from both produce more energy.
Double glass panels provide more protection in harsh weather so its life span is long.
As double glass panel has extra layer of glass so it is more expensive.
Having extra layer of glass double glass panel is heavier in weight.

  1. Monocrystalline solar panels.
    This panel is made of a single crystal of high-purity silicon.
    It is ideal for shaded areas.
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panel.
    This panel is made of fragments of silicon crystals.
    It is less expensive and less efficient than monocrystalline

3.Thin-film solar panels
This panel is made of multiple thin layers of photovoltaic materials.
It is less expensive and less efficient.
It is portable and flexible.